In Australia, vegan pets face controversy

Vegan diet for companion animals faces controversy in Australia.

Vegan diet for companion animals faces controversy in Australia.

A kitten in Australia was reportedly nursed back to health by feeding her a diet of meat after her human companions had only been feeding the young one rice milk, potatoes and pasta. The incident has once again sparked the ire of the international media, calling on “extremist” vegans to not put their ethical views onto their companion animals.

However, upon closer inspection of the case, it is actually more about the ignorance of the kitten’s human companions as opposed to their vegan diet. A cat, whether young or old, could not survive and be healthy on a diet consisting of the above mentioned foods. Instead, all mammals need a diet that is well-balanced and full of the essential nutrients that we all need to survive. Cats are no different.

Veterinarians in Australia who cared for a violently ill vegan kitten are warning pet owners not to “force ideologies” on their pets, the Herald Sun reports.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital workers in North Melbourne told the site that the kitten was brought in this month by its human companions, who were believed to be vegan, although this was not confirmed in any report.

“It was extremely weak and collapsed when it came in. It was almost non-responsive,” Dr. Leanne Pinfold said.

However, the articles discussing the health of the kitty failed to do their research over the rising vegan pet food industry that is able to deliver to animals a diet rich in protein and nutrients without forcing them to eat the by-products of their fellow beings in the regular pet food on the market at supermarkets across the globe.

There are numerous resources out there for vegan humans to help transition their animal friends to a cruelty-free diet. gave a nice overview of the options available and we should all strive to look seriously at these products for our companions who live in our homes:

Gentle World volunteers frequently receive inquiries from vegans looking for reliable information about feeding a healthy, nutritious plant-based diet to their companion animals.

A while back, we put together a comprehensive guide to feeding vegan dogs, as well as an explanation of how we have approached feeding vegan cats. But recently we also found out some other great sources of information that we’re enthusiastic about sharing with our readers.

Read more on the vegan products available to our vegan dogs and cats here

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