China has more vegans, vegetarians than US

Despite China's consumption of animals, millions are saying no more.

Despite China’s consumption of animals, millions are saying no more.

Known for its meat-eating tendencies, China is making a push toward the plant-based diet in larger numbers than previously reported. For a country who eats some four million cats annually, environmentalists are praising the diet change as a positive for the country, for the animals and for the world.

According to statistics, just five percent of the Chinese population is shunning animals as food, but that means more than 50 million people, a massively larger number than the United States, where some 30 million adhere to the vegetarian cuisine.

And it is growing. According to reports, Chinese are viewing animal production in much the same way as other parts of the world in its impact on the environment and climate change. Now they are taking steps to counter that by going vegetarian.

While academics say the future of vegetarianism in China is still a ways away, the growing impact that the current vegetarians have on the eating prowess of the country is important in changing the attitudes that prevail towards meat, especially in a country where meat-eating is seen as a sign of power and financial success.

The future of vegetarianism is on the rise across the globe and according to these new numbers, a positive step in the direction of ending animals for food.

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