Facebook continues to censor vegan, animal rights posts

Facebook barred OCV posts on a Cairo slaughterhouse and vegan breastfeeding.

Facebook barred OCV posts on a Cairo slaughterhouse and vegan breastfeeding.

Facebook once again barred Of Course Vegan from promoting an article discussing vegan breastfeeding and the ongoing myths surrounding it late last week. The article, titled “Attacks on vegan breastfeeding continue” apparently did not “meet Facebook guidelines” even though there was no adult content in the article, simply a commentary that looked into the continued antagonism against vegans and breastfeeding that has erupted in recent weeks.

It is not the first time Facebook has barred an OCV article from running in their promotion advertisements. An Of Course Vegan article detailing the inside of a Cairo butcher and slaughterhouse was also banned, with Facebook saying the article “does not meet the guidelines” for promoting an article on the social media giant.

It is yet another sign of the growing censorship of telling the horrors of animal slaughter being pushed by the Menlo Park-based company.

We demand that Facebook end these subversive tactics against the vegan and animal rights community in order to better reach the public on the health, environment and lifestyle benefits that a vegan diet has. And the promotion of better animal welfare and detailing the horrors animals go through daily should be praised, not punished.

We have demanded that Facebook detail exactly what why these two articles were not allowed to be promoted. Nothing in the social media giant’s guidelines say that a factual and news-styled article detailing a subject cannot be promoted. We have received no response.

Is Facebook censoring animal rights and vegan activities once again? They have been reported on and off for the past few years as banning pages that detail animal suffering, blocking users who promote an end to factory farming and other animal-related pages.

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  1. And yet Zuckerberg allows HUNTERS to post graphic hunting photos, especially photos of hunters maiming, torturing and killing wolves! Why? Because Zuckerberg likes to hunt animals, he said he enjoys it.


  2. This is outrageous! Is there a petition we can sign? Or how can we get them to hear us?

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