Victory: UK bans wild animals at circuses

Peta UK claims victory as wild animals to be phased out of circuses.

Peta UK claims victory as wild animals to be phased out of circuses.

In what Peta UK have described as a victory, the UK has tabled a bill that will see wild animals no longer be permitted to be participants at circuses beginning in 2015. It is a victory for both animals and activists who want to see a cruelty-free world.

According to Peta UK, in a press release announcing the move, “in this country (UK), no more wild animals will be abused in the ring in the name of entertainment. No more elephants, camels or zebras will be denied everything that is natural and important to them, confined to cages or boxcars and dragged around the country and forced to perform demeaning and often painful tricks for human amusement.”

This legislation has been in the works for a while, the animal rights organization said. David Cameron was instructed by Parliament to get wild animals out of circuses in 2011, but he dragged his heels in implementing the ban – despite overwhelming support for it among the British public. A 2011 Defra consultation saw 94 percent of respondents, including the British Veterinary Association, backing an end to this archaic form of entertainment.

Activists have already praised the government effort and many are hopeful that the change will see the overall better treatment of animals in the country.

Today, though, the government seems finally to have listened and has decided to do the right thing for animals. Well done, and thank you to the thousands of you who wrote to David Cameron about the ban – your actions have paid off! It’s time for animal abusers to pack their bags and wave goodbye to wild-animal circuses for good – a huge step forward for animals and for a more compassionate Britain.

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