Germany’s Veganz supermarket opens third location

Veganz opens third location in Germany on March 30.

Veganz opens third location in Germany on March 30.

In a move that is being welcomed by the vegan community in Germany, the all-vegan supermarket chain Veganz announced it was opening its third location in the country, in the capital Berlin.

On Saturday, the third location for the Veganz chain opened on Saturday in Berlin to much fanfare. The German website reported that it will continue to boost its chain by opening markets in Hamburg and Leipzig.

Germany is among the fastest growing vegan eating communities in the world and more and more people have been calling for Veganz to extend its shops to more locations to reach more people on a regular basis.

Starting Easter Saturday people can buy vegan products that number in the thousands in the¬†Friedrichshain¬†district, without having to check the contents of the products first. It’s all vegan, 100 percent, the market chain said.Food hygiene and cosmetic products that were made without animal products or animal testing will also be sold. Vegan ready made pizza’s and other frozen products will also be available, as well as vegan baby food and animal feed.

The first two of the vegan supermarket chain’s locations were opened in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and Frankfurt.

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  1. pleasantly surprised to read this post…

  2. Hi,
    love your blog. Just discovered it. I am wanting to visit Berlin. I have a vegan blog also, I think it is high time I told my readers about Berlin. Would you kindly tell me the best area to stay, in terms of funky cafes and the highest density of vegan stores and restaurants? Thanks. Do you live in Berlin? Perhaps we can meet? India-leigh


  1. Tried and tested: Germany gets new online vegan boutique | ofcoursevegan

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